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Jul 18, 2017

9ice Explains The Real Meaning Of “Shashe” And “Wire Wire” (VIDEO)

Nigerian vocalist, 9ice was a visitor on Rubbin' Minds and he talked about his current melody "Living Things" that drummed up some excitement via web-based networking media a while back. 

9ice said that "wire" is not a negative term, including that he's "about inspiration." He said "wire" implies cash exchange and not what it is depicted to mean. ("Wire" is a slang expression for Internet Fraud).

9ice additionally discussed the Nigerian music industry, its structure and his time in legislative issues.

The artist discussed his time "away" saying he got a ton of encounters from when he wandered into governmental issues. He additionally underscored on the requirement for the Nigerian music industry to have a body all together for the structure to be set up. He includes that the Performing Musician Association of Nigerian (PMAN) should be "disassembled". He likewise uncovered that he'll be discharging another collection titled "G.O.A.T" in September.

Watch video here
here too

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