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Jul 20, 2017

Check Out the 81-Year Old Historical Tower that Gives Complete Aerial View of Ibadan City (Video)

This concise narrative as shot by humming on the web TV, Hello Oduduwa has gone by the famous Bower's Tower in the biggest city in Nigeria, Ibadan. 
 Maiden online TV organization - Hello Oduduwa established in June, 2017 by expert Nigerian picture taker, Ginikah Okafor Emmanuel to cover the rich history and fantastic structures of the Yorubas has secured a recorded and pre-pioneer structure in the antiquated city of Ibadan, Oyo State viewed as the Bower's Tower.

The structure which is one of its kind was authorized in 1936 out of appreciation for the principal British inhabitant in Ibadan and the voyaging magistrate of the Yorubaland, south-western area of Nigeria, in the vicinity of 1893 and 1879 - Captain Robert Lister Bower.

Mr Bower is affectionately viewed as the "Ajele" of Ibadan because of his commitment to the advancement of the old city.

The Bower's Tower, situated at the pinnacle of Oke-Are, the most noteworthy slope in Ibadan, is one of the authentic landmarks that Ibadan could be pleased with. It is 60 feet high and 11 feet with two doorways and a long winding stairs. From the highest point of the landmark, the height of Ibadan would be viewed as an immense sheet of dark colored rooftops.

The building was nicknamed ‘Layipo’ because of its long spiral staircase which some claim to make them dizzy after climbing. It served as one of the most visited tourist center in the city of Ibadan.
The memorial tower symbolizes a plethora of meanings. On one hand, it is perceived that the peoples reflection of the footprints of Bower in the annals of their history necessitated the erection of that historic monument as a memorial of his relatively peaceful era, socio-economic development as well as his general administrative acumen in the course of his service among them which remain indelible.
As a rider to this, the monument serves as a reminder to the Ibadan people in particular and the Yoruba in general, of the man who firmly established the loyalty of their forebears to the British imperial crown. (S. Ademola Ajayi, 2008.)
Mounting the tower gives one the cherished advantage of enjoying an aerial view of Ibadan and seeing the expansive area of land - a total area of 3,080 square kilometres.

According to the anchor of the short documentary named Wole Adejumo, climbing the long stairs helps one to sight the Lekan Salami Stadium, University College hospital, Broken House (Femi Johnson) at Dugbe as well as other buildings of interest.
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Watch the documentary below:

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