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Jul 18, 2017

‘I’m no hostage’ – R. Kelly’s alleged 21 year old captive speaks

21-year-old Jocelyn Savage whose family asserted was held prisoner by R&B vocalist R. Kelly has exposed her family's electrifying case, demanding she's sheltered and well.

This is following the question and answer session her mom, father and sister hung on Monday in Atlanta, guaranteeing their girl and sister was one of numerous young ladies who the 50-year-old vocalist, had focused as of late and that they hadn't addressed her for quite a long time.

However Jocelyn, who tossed out their claim that she was 'in an upbeat place' with had been R. Kelly who has been tormented by allegations of kid s*x manhandle previously.

'I'm 21, I'm going to be 22 out of a couple of days and I just primarily need to state that I am in a cheerful place with my life and I'm not being mentally programmed or anything like that.

'It just went to a point where it unquestionably has wild. I'm absolutely fine. I'm cheerful where I'm at and all is well with me.'

Inquired as to whether she was being held automatically, she stated:

'God help us, in no way like that. I've never felt like a prisoner or anything like that.'

Tending to her folks' worry, she stated:

'I don't generally comprehend what's new with that,' she said of their feelings of trepidation on Monday. 'I'm exceptionally sorrowful over what's new with this circumstance since it's getting to a point where it's getting excessively.
'It's quite recently not right.'

TMZ reports that however she demanded she was 'fine', she declined to answer when inquired as to whether she was allowed to go back and forth from the house. She additionally declined to answer when inquired as to whether she was still in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s the video;

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