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Jul 20, 2017

Man Who Waited 20 Years for a Baby Runs Away From Home After Wife Gives Birth...You Won't Believe His Reason

A man who waited for as long as twenty years for a baby has disappeared from home after his wife gave birth, and his reason will surprise you.

60-year-old Atifa Ljajic and her significant other, Serif Nokic (68), from Serbia, had been attempting to have an infant for more than 20 years, Oddity Central reports.

At the point when nobody thought it was even conceivable any longer, the supernatural occurrence happened.

Atifa as of late brought forth a solid young lady, however around the same time, her significant other left them, asserting that raising a child at his age would be harming to his wellbeing.

Atifa Jjajic is the second most seasoned mother ever. She had been attempting to get pregnant for more than two decades, however every one of the medications she experienced demonstrated unsuccessful.

In the course of the most recent couple of years, she endeavored to end up plainly pregnant through in-vitro treatment five times, and on the last endeavor, she figured out how to take her pregnancy to term and bring forth a lovely infant young lady.

It was the most joyful day of Atifa's life, yet just for a couple of hours, on the grounds that on that exceptionally same day, her significant other reported that he was abandoning them, since raising a child at age 68 would be adverse to his wellbeing.

Serif, who had contradicted the pregnancy at to start with, however obliged it in the wake of seeing Atifa so upbeat, said that he understood how troublesome living with a child would be, when he heard her crying.

"Most importantly, I am a wiped out man, I am 68, I am a diabetic and I have a powerless heart," the 68-year-old told correspondents. "It is difficult not to rest throughout the night and to hear a child's cry. She got what she needed, now she is glad."

Furthermore, if that wasn't sufficiently brutal, Nokic wouldn't like to lawfully enroll little Alina as his kid, so her mom should raise her everything without anyone else's input.

The couple are accepted to have utilized an unknown sperm giver, and Atifa says that wrong remarks in regards to this and steady weight from Serif's family in Turkey in the long run made the man abandon them. He couldn't have picked a "superior" time for it either…

The 60-year-old mother just acquires an unobtrusive annuity, and needs to pay off a credit she took for her pregnancy medications, yet despite the fact that making a decent living will be intense, she is still in seventh paradise over at long last having a kid.

"I knew it would be a major hazard at my age, yet my exclusive wish in my life was that I have a youngster, and it transpired," Atifa said. "I was not perplexed of my life by any stretch of the imagination, God gave me fearlessness. I have never rested easy.

"Whatever happens, if Serif stays or goes, I'll battle to raise Alina as well as can be expected. I will live for her alone," the lady included. "I know it won't be simple, yet regardless I think there are great individuals who can help me."
A man who waited for as long as twenty years for a baby has disappeared from home after his wife gave birth, and his reason will surprise you.

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